Vinyl Request Form

Want a record we don't have? Use this vinyl request form to request for it and we'll see what we can do!

*Note: Requesting for a record won't necessarily guarantee that we can get a copy, but you'll be the first to know if we do!

Check our website first! We might already have the record you're looking for:


1. Do we need a downpayment?
No. We'll be happy to look for the record free of charge. However, that also means we can't guarantee its availability

2. How long does it usually take until I can get the record I requested?
We can't really give an exact number of days/weeks. We usually ship it along with our other stocks which usually take 3 months to get here upon ordering.

3. How will I know if the record is available?
We will e-mail you! So be sure to keep checking your e-mail

4. Can I know the price before it arrives?
Our prices range from 1,500-2,500php for sealed records. We can't give an exact price until it arrives because we would have to compute for shipping and customs charges.

5. Can I request for specific vintage records? (Pressing, Date, etc)
Unfortunately, we can only take requests for new and sealed records. Vintage records are a bit more difficult to find, especially ones that are super specific.

If you have any more questions, talk to us: [email protected] or (02) 401 6905


Please follow the format: Album - Artist (If you have more than one request, number them accordingly)