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About Us


Satchmi (Satch-mee) is a brainchild of a team brought together by a common infatuation, a company of old souls who thrive on marveling at beautiful things, romantic pasts, and uncommon luxuries. With discerning tastes and even quirky attitudes, the Satchmi team loves to treasure hunt for goods that are born out of someone’s unique obsessions, preferably handcrafted out of cherished traditions, and expertise passed on for generations.

Satchmi understands the indescribable feeling of falling in love with something oddly beautiful, holding an unconventional masterpieces that somehow only you can appreciate. Oh, we’re just suckers for cool stuff really, vinyl records and the Motorino are only the beginning! We can’t wait to share more of this whimsical fascination with you!

The Satchmi Story

The Satchmi Story


Some businesses come with a bang — a bright idea that bursts onto the scene; but not Satchmi. Satchmi was grown. It may have been unintentional, but we put Satchmi up because of an inherent love for the good old days. We all grew up romantics. In all of us was the want of the old world, the precursors of what we are today. We are enchanted with what was and embraced the beauty of the past by pulling it into the present. The high we get when we find antique jewelry or vintage vinyl is second to none, and we couldn’t bear keeping that to ourselves. Satchmi isn’t just a business. It’s empathy; it’s paying it forward; it’s making sure we never forget.

We value the philosophies of putting out your best work.

It’s a great coincidence that our generation is the one that likes to look back. Our fast-paced world calls for simplicity and having time to smell the roses. We value the philosophies of putting out your best work, of being proud of your product, and guaranteeing quality. The love for vinyl is unique for everyone, but what we really love about vinyl, with a dash of beautiful irony, is the potential. Vinyl has always been lauded for its warm sound and has become legendary in the audiophile community. That means all we really have to do is bring it to the Philippines. And we’re doing just that.