The Motorino Turntable

The Motorino Turntable.

Satchmi is relentless in sharing the unique experience of vinyl.

We would like to achieve that through our very own portable turntable, the Motorino.

We wanted to create something that would make vinyl more accessible to everyone.

NEW! Bluetooth Connectivity
NEW! Headphone Jack
NEW! Built-in Pre-amp

Let's compare

P 7,799.00

Comes in two colors: Silver and Graphite

Can play 33, 45, 78 rpm records

Its tonearm features a moving magnet cartridge, an Audio-Technica™ stylus, and a fully functional and adjustable counterweight

Features a rechargeable battery that lasts more than 8 hours of usage

Anti-slip mat included

It has an integrated amplifier which can let you connect the Motorino’s RCA output to any external active speaker

Portable and has a sturdier build

Satchmi is also listed on's Best Places To Buy Vinyl Records.

What do you think of our Motorino?