The Lost Nomad: Of Bags, Business, and Hot Air Balloons

by Isabella Argosino

Inspired by the thirst to travel and see the globe, The Lost Nomad proves you can get down and dirty without sacrificing style. Built for, well, the modern day nomad, these quality backpacks are the marriage of form and function. But for Ayla Gomez and Paolo Sarmiento, it’s more than just a utility bag. It represents a culture that celebrates the world and all its diversity. We spoke with Ayla, onehalf of the brain behind the brand, about The Lost Nomad’s roots, inspiration, and her own personal nomadic tendencies.

1.) How and why did you decide on the name, “The Lost Nomad”?

We decided on the “The Lost Nomad”, because a nomad is constantly moving, travelling, and exploring. While we explore, its good to get lost – get lost in the moment, get lost in the experience, get lost in our wanderlust dreams. Since our bags are mainly focused on travel and functionality, we wanted the name to capture exactly that and encourage people to keep moving and travelling. The Lost Nomad is for people who continue to seek new experiences in their everyday lives.

2.) Can you tell us how you started the business?

Like how most things come about, The Lost Nomad started over a night of drinking. My cousin brought back a weekender bag from his trip to Morocco and as we admired it, we both wished that there were similar bags like that sold here in the Philippines. A few drinks later, we said, “Why don’t we just make the bags?” About two weeks later, we were outsourcing for a manufacturer in Manila. We really just jumped into it, and have not looked back since.

3.) What’s your favorite place that you’ve traveled to?

My most favorite place that I’ve traveled to would have to be Porto, Portugal! Its a coastal town in the north of Portugal and just has a really great atmosphere. This is also where Port wine hails from. Sit by one of the may cafes by the water, and watch the setting sun turn everything in sight into gold! I would love to go back and spend more time there.

4.) If you could be a city, town, or island, which one would you be and why?

Definitely an island, because I need the energy that the raging seas can bring, as well as the calmness of it. I am also a nature lover and pretty much grew up by the beach. Plus, I can shake my hips like a coconut tree swaying in the wind, haha!

5.) What’s next for you “nomads”?

For the The Lost Nomad, some talks of a kids’ collection might be in store for next year. It’s still on the discussion table, but we’re excited about the idea. We’re also looking at local fabrics to incorporate in our designs, while at the same time, helping to promote locally-made fabric, either produced by tribes, or prints by local artists. As for travel, we are aiming for a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia, Turkey next year, and purchasing some awesome textiles!

The Lost Nomad bags are available for purchase at’s Bags & Leather section!

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