Embracing The #Feels

by MV Isip

Ah, Valentine’s: the most polarizing holiday we continue to celebrate. Torn between bitter quotes and relationship goals, it’s less of a day of love than it is a day of feelings.

Wherever you lie on the spectrum of Feb fourteen feels, Satchmi’s got you covered. The second annual #FEELS event happened last February 13. As usual, it was all-inclusive —a cozy gig for couples, but also a safe haven for singles, what with various freebies, a special menu (beer and wine!), as well as merchandise promos. Blind Date With a Vinyl’s tagline is literally “No Date? No Problem!” Much appreciated, Satchmi.

Exclusive #SatchmiFeels beer from Craftpoint, Blind Date With A Vinyl year 2, and a Box of Feels (I spy: tissue for your issues)

The night featured music from Hannah + Gabi, The Dreamists, Baihana, and Over October, all of whom we caught up with to talk feelings.

Melancholic melody master Hannah + Gabi / Mikey Amistoso

Who’s your go-to artist for feels?
H+G: Sufjan Stevens! If happy, The Beatles. Or The Beach Boys.

What’s the best Valentine’s you’ve ever had?
H+G: Oh! Valentine’s Day 2004. Ciudad, my other band, launched our second album and that was the time when we felt “We’re gonna do this. We’re gonna be a band and make music!”

If you could start a Valentine’s tradition, what would it be? Say, in Wales they give each other wooden spoons…
H+G: Sing a song to a loved one or a friend. Gusto ko ibalik ‘yung harana!

Jazz/pop vocal trio Baihana (L-R): Mel Torre, Krina Cayabyab, Anna Achacoso

What’s the saddest song ever written?
Mel: ♪ I can’t make you love me ♪
Krina: ♪ There’s no easy way to break somebody’s heart ♪
Anna: ♪ Sometime, somewhere, we just have to be content with stealing glances ♪

What was your best Valentine’s to date?
Mel: Mine’s corny. When my husband and I got together. Yes, it was Valentine’s Day. My first boyfriend and my only boyfriend!
Krina: Pass…
Anna: When I cooked Valentine’s dinner for my boyfriend, dad, and brother, together, in one table. The three of them were my dates, and my boyfriend then is my husband now.
Krina: My ex and I broke up… Memorable? Doesn’t have to be happy? [laughs] Well, it can count for best since if that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be with my boyfriend now!

Over October (L-R): Joric Canlas, Josh Buizon, Joshua Lua, Janessa Geronimo

Valentine’s goals?
Buizon: Not single.
Lua: I can’t imagine myself with a girlfriend, so whatever happens, basta kasama ko siya. Let her do the planning!
Joric: With a date, I’ll really be outside Manila. Maybe Batangas. Go down to the beach.
Buizon: Beach. Bonfire. Stars. Barkada. Yes.
Janessa: I just want it to be a normal day without traffic. Boring lang. Also I want it a non-working holiday.

If you could start a Valentine’s tradition, what would it be?
Janessa: Everything’s geared towards couples! It should be a celebration of people getting lonely.
Buizon: You should get rid of Valentine’s Day.
Lua: Go to Church.
Janessa: Or go to parking lots at night with a flashlight and spot—
Buizon: Oh, everyone should wear a shirt that indicates whether they’re single or not. It should be worldwide. Singles wear white, those taken wears red. Only two colors.
Lua: Or ‘pag sawi ka sa Valentine’s, shave your head in mourning.
Joric: If you have a date, you should have it outside Manila! Para walang traffic dito.

The Dreamists: Music lovers (8/10 pun) Erika Cruz and Andrew De Pano

Saddest song ever?
Andrew: Luther Vandross, “Dance With My Father.” It’s about a kid who really misses his dad who died. But the clincher of the song is that’s not even the saddest part. The saddest part is seeing her mom who has to go through every day without seeing him. It’s really painful, and more than just a Valentine’s kind of sad, but a daily, everyday sadness.
Erika: “The Mess We Made.” That’s sad, when you feel like okay na ‘to eh, and you really try your best to work it out, but circumstances and life happens and it just couldn’t.

Plans for tomorrow [Valentine’s Day]?
Andrew + Erika: Nothing…
Andrew: She has family stuff. And I’m gonna do some work for our [Dearest,] album launch on the 20th.
Erika: Quite busy, but we’ve already talked. For us, Valentine’s shouldn’t be just a one-time thing, so we want to go out, visit a cat cafe together, enter a museum, or do a roadtrip, on random times of the year.
Andrew: Yes, because you shouldn’t have to wait for a holiday to make other people happy. We won’t give in to the capitalists!!!

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