Lucy Rose: This Charming Girl

by Reena Mesias
The thing about gigs like Lucy Rose’s in 12 Monkeys is we usually come in without any more expectations other than that it would be quite intimate and personal. It was. But what we didn’t expect was a very energetic crowd that seemed to always have something to answer (or scream?) every time the English indie folkster would say something on the mic.

Pair Lucy Rose’s endearing voice and acoustic guitar with an opening act like Fools and Foes, and we all knew the night was going to be as stunning and heartwarming/heartbreaking (depending on your disposition in life) as their music.

Singing both hits and underrated favorites like “Shiver,” “Our Eyes,” “Red Face,” and “Gamble,” Lucy Rose filled the entire room with all kinds of emotions some of us never thought we had or we thought we had lost. I guess that’s what makes artists like them stick out, when it doesn’t matter that every strum or every word stings; we continue to listen anyway.

As music fans, some of our favorite memories are associated with concerts. This was one of many, not only because of Lucy Rose’s honest, folk-hued music with showers of pop and summer, but also because of how everyone else reacted to it. Thank you Bandwagon Asia and Symmetry Entertainment for making this happen!

Photographed by Iya Forbes for Bandwagon

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