Scout Summer Camp: Parties Done Right

by Isabel Matias

It is without doubt that when it comes to parties, Scout Magazine does it right. Scout Magazine knows their audience well and caters to what they want. As Scout says, their publication is for the youth and by the youth, so who better to organize a party for millennials than millennials themselves?

They have the essentials:

1. Scout taught us that no matter what age we’re in, it’s still fun to play dress up. We’ll grab any excuse to be able to get creative with our outfits. No need to wait for October 31 to go all out with our costumes. Give us a fun theme—in this case, #ScoutSummerCamp—and we’ll be ready. Even some of the performers themselves enjoyed the theme: Jermaine Peck of The Ransom Collective dressed up as Dora the Explorer!

2. Free booze!

3. More freebies! Like Satchmi, Scout values great music and supports it. We teamed up with Scout and raffled off a Motorino MK II and a Fresh Filter vinyl record featuring singles of local bands.

4. But what’s a party without music? Scout also has an ear for spotting and appreciating local talent. It’s the music that reels in so many of their loyal readers and cultivates one heck of a party experience. There were more arms raised and bodies dancing than hands holding beer cans.
Cheers, Scout. Until the next one.

Satchmi is located at the 4th Floor of the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

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