The First of Its Kind: Fresh Filter Grand Finale

As early as 7 pm, the crowds were set to kick off the last leg of the Fresh Filter tour and take over the U-street of Cubao Expo. Fresh Filter curator Russ Davis hosted the stream of acts once more along with fellow Jam 88.3 DJ Lambert Cruz.

True to the event’s Grand Finale title, the stage was bound to be invigorated by performances from every artist off the Fresh Filter Volume 1 record, and we were all encumbered with high hopes and anticipation.

A Problem like Maria opened the show with their sundry genre palette—fusing jazz, hiphop and electronica into their indie pop character. With A Problem like Maria setting the tone for the evening, we were ready to have our eclectic music taste indulged by the rest of the independent artists in the line-up.

Now-defunct act Library Kids played their last performance as a duo with their tranquil folk repertoire. The band played tracks off their Elysian EP, and aptly concluded their run with the debut of their respective material as solo artists.

Moonwlk changed up the pace with their synth-produced beats that tie up with electropop flair of Tandems ’91 and BP Valenzuela. Tandems ’91, as they continue to ascend, seamlessly coalesced old school funk with electronic techniques. Equipped with earnest narratives, BP Valenzuela had the crowd’s attention transfixed using the same breadth of sensibilities that echoes in her Neon Hour EP.

Bullet Dumas graced the stage with his hyper-literate lyricism and offbeat strumming. From “Pssst!” to a cover of Eraserheads’ “Torpedo” and 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up,” the audience was in keen unison with Bullet’s melodic tropes and subtle socio-political diatribe.

With their song “Misteryoso” garnering constant airplay, Autotelic held their set with precisely played instruments and fresh vocals that sketch their pop temperament. Meanwhile, rock bands Cheats and Flying Ipis pushed the envelope with unapologetic zingers and solidly crafted rock ‘n’ roll rhythms. Cheats closed the show performing “Accidents” and other tracks to be released in their self-titled debut album.

As we conclude the series of Fresh Filter shows, Satchmi and Jam 88.3 will go on to further champion local independent music. It has always been the premise of every Fresh Filter show, and we are glad to carry it on.

Limited copies of the Fresh Filter Volume 1 vinyl are available at the Satchmi store.

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