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Satchmi Stories: A New Breed

Much like today’s generation of vintage lovers, three of our featured collectors Richard Webb, Lyra Tan, and Ardiana Comia gravitate toward all things classic and rare, and keep up with the hunt of nostalgia through vinyl records. As younger collectors, however, their love for record collecting emerged from several factors: their predecessors, their mere fondness for music, and/or the desire to own something tangible from the past. Having gone beyond simply listening to and picking out records of old, they’ve branched out to newer artists, developing a very diverse selection of genres. Don’t underestimate today’s new breed of vinyl record collectors. You’d be surprised by their preferences, ways of thinking, and record habits. Read more

Satchmi Stories: Jason Magbanua

We’ve all come to know him as one of the greatest wedding videographers in our country today. He is able to tell visually captivating and heart tugging stories in less than 5 minutes. Jason Magbanua is renowned all over for his craft but little do people know about his love for music (and his involvement […]

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Satchmi Stories Record Store Day Winner: Emerson Gamat

Nothing can compare to the warmth and nostalgic sentiment that can only be felt from things vintage. This seems to hold true for Emerson Gamat, who is not only a maker of his own music, but also a passionate listener of it. His discovery of his father’s vintage records led him to rediscover the unique […]

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Satchmi Stories: Dodong Rosales

The greatest moments in history are sometimes only stories passed around the dining table from our grandparents to our parents. Luckily, some of these stories were also recorded in cassette tapes, film, or even in vinyl records. We embarked with more determination and curiosity to dig for record collections that go beyond (or are probably […]

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Satchmi Stories: Shaira and Von Luna

by PB Hermoso In the season of fluttering hearts, more than a handful of the best things in life come in pairs. By nature, there are your shoes, meals, and maybe even those egg token goodies you get from arcades. As love doesn’t always really call for candle-lit dinners and a bouquet of roses, we […]

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Satchmi Stories: Kurvine Chua

by Queencee Quitalig Most people agree that music carries on where words fall short. This is especially true for Kurvine Chua, a film student who claims that music is at the core of everything that he does. Apart from being the inspiration for his craft, music is the expression of stories untold, a reminder of […]

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Satchmi Stories: Pam Celeridad

by PB Hermoso Behind every great artist is a set of quirks. May it be two exact same doll sets of The Beatles or a collection of remarkable pieces of art from various countries, Pam Celeridad has painted an enthralling perspective beyond canvas. As every painting itself is a compilation of ideas, this experimental painter […]

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Satchmi Stories: Tats and Ed Paman

by Reena Mesias Some apples don’t really fall far from the tree especially when the apples are products of patterns. Sound engineer Tats Paman and his dad, Ed Paman, who builds/recycles speakers and other audio devices grew up in music. In fact, one of them could be alive because of it. As you read the […]

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Satchmi Stories: Diego Castillo

by PB Hermoso Firsts, no matter how spectacular or odd, are never easy to forget. In a pile of concert setlists, worn out sleeves, and restringed guitars lies Diego Castillo. He’s either banging his head to Sandwich, grooving to the beat of The Diegos, or constructing the next best burger at Sweet Ecstasy. Behind a […]

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