Vandals On The Wall Celebrates 2nd Year

It has been two years of sharing themed playlists, and thoughts on the ebb and flow of homegrown music. In celebration of their sophomore year, online music publication Vandals On The Wall, along with Gabi Na Naman Productions and Revolver Productions, threw a twofold bash filled with live music acts, fun activities, and great giveaways.

The first leg of festivities took off at Route 196 with a varied lineup of artists slated to perform: indie rock favorites Autotelic and Flying Ipis, electro‐pop acts Skymarines and Tandems ’91, hip‐hop cluster Assembly Generals, post‐rock group Earthmover, and jazz‐experimental fusionist Farewell Fair Weather.

In between performances, a “mixtape hunt” engaged attendees—giving away limited physical copies of Crush Songs, which is a compilation album designed to indulge our lovesick inclinations, featuring local indie artists handpicked by Vandals On The Wall. If you missed the show, the playlist can also be freely downloaded on their website.

Towards the end of the night, lucky attendees also took home a Motorino and a Fresh Filter Volume 1 vinyl.

Part two was set at Saguijo Café and Bar. Manila Sound cascaded through the evening as Hannah + Gabi, Prank Sinatra, TheSunManager, The Purplechickens, Chillitees, Oh, Flamingo, Halik ni Gringo, and Thyro and Yumi reimagined OPM classics that hit the airwaves from the early ’70s to the early ’80s.

Here’s to more years of championing local music!

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