Charles & Keith x Motorino

Charles & Keith doles out an innovative, refined spin on active staples in their Autumn 2015 collection. Weaving together vintage, Wild West influences and contemporary sophistication, Charles & Keith crafts silhouettes and structured pieces in congruent to the character of the Motorino. This is why Charles & Keith fused our sleek, compact Motorinos into the aesthetic of their Autumn collection.

The ready-to-wear garments boast the same intricate detailing and urban mobility which the Motorino adheres to.

With angular lines and subtle precision, Charles & Keith continually scales up the notch of the quality and distinctiveness equally aspired by the Motorino.

Now with an upgraded overall built and quality, the Motorino Mk. II is limitedly sold online and through our physical store, located at 4F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall. The sophomore overhaul features enhanced speakers, better needle, longer battery life, and improved USB connectivity. Whether in graphite or in ivory, the Motorino embodies a superior standard of portability, ease of use, and refinement.

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