What’s in store for you at the Satchmi Store?

1. Vinyls, vinyls, vinyls!
Of course, one can never take away the vast vinyl selection we have to offer, and you can look through all of them in the store! Spend several minutes (a few hours even!) just looking through all the vinyls we have. You never know, you might find a rare gem you just have to bring home!

2. Listening Area and Rooms
We built special zones for your listening pleasure (whether you’d rather do it publicly or privately). There’s a listening area outside with Motorinos all lined where you can listen to a selection of vinyls. At the back, two listening rooms where you can play records in the comfort of your own little private space.

3. REGA Station
There’s also an area full of REGA Turntables that you can see in action. Especially since that’s where the store will be playing its music from! You can pick out a record and have it played on the REGA turntable so everyone in the store can hear your music and enjoy it too!

4. The Coffee
Coffee: The most important meal of the day. Imagine having a cup of YKW Roasters’ Dark Matter Theory or Southern Blend coffee (be it a latte, cappuccino, or a macchiato) while you look through vinyls, turntables, and more! Seats are also provided if you decide to chill and hang out with some awesome company.

5. It’s a Record Store ‘++’!
The “++” not only pertains to the coffee, but to the other products we now sell as well! We have got a great selection of notebooks, books, and cameras with film if you’re into that. We have always believed that music should come with a great visual medium, be it pictures, stories, or simply ideas written down.

Come visit us at the 4th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Pasig City!

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