June is Vintage Vinyl Month

This month, Satchmi pays homage to the artists who paved the way for the innovations in the music world. With June as Vintage Vinyl month, we persist to hold dear our passion for the good old days. This means a plethora of vintage records in store for the whole month of June!


We celebrate Vintage Vinyl month by offering you rare vinyl copies and over a thousand of vintage records at discounted values. Thumb through our crates to find great vinyls such as The Beatles’ iconic record, “A Hard Day’s Night” to the timeless dream-pop standard that is Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours.” Prices of the vintage selection starts at 299.

And for those in pursuit of premium records, we have curated a high value shelf in the Satchmi store just for you.

Also in store for June? Fresh Filter happenings! With the release of Fresh Filter Volume 1 LP comes two more upcoming events that will stage live performances of the homegrown talents featured on the record. See A Problem Like Maria, Autotelic, BP Valenzuela, Bullet Dumas, Cheats, Flying Ipis, Library Kids, Moonwlk, Ourselves The Elves, Tandems ’91, The Ransom Collective, and Yolanda Moon on June 12 at A-Space Manila and on June 26 at Cubao Expo.

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