ICYMI: Fresh Filter at A-Space

In the near-finale leg of Fresh Filter live shows, the white walls of A-Space bled red, blue and yellow. Once again, in collaboration with Jam 88.3, we invited artists from the Fresh Filter line-up to play their material on stage. In commemoration of Independence Day, we continue to exhibit the multitude of talent and passion entrenched in local independent music.

Audiences filled the intimate venue to watch performances from pop folk trio Ourselves the Elves, grit-laden punk rock band Flying Ipis, emerging electro-funk act Tandems ’91, synth-pop artist/heart-sleeve wearer BP Valenzuela, and six-piece upbeat folk group The Ransom Collective.

Hosted by Jam 88.3 DJ and Fresh Filter purveyor Russ Davis along with fellow DJ Jobim Javier, the event was a cohesive compilation of 15-20 minute sets from each local act. Every set was a platform for the musicians to tell their stories and simultaneously convince us why they deserve to be heard.

The show practically hit each note of the genre spectrum and gave listeners even more reasons to support and respond to what the local music scene has to offer.

We have one more show to go at Cubao Expo on June 26, and we’d love to see you there!

Limited copies of the Fresh Filter Volume 1 LP will again be exclusively sold at the show.

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